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Shiatsu increases a sense of well-being

Shiatsu is more than a massage; it is a deeply relaxing experience that works not only with the physical body but also with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person.

Whether you have a specific condition such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, insomnia or RSI; you just feel exhausted, stressed or run down, or want to give yourself a treat, I have seen how my clients benefit for regular Shiatsu treatments and experience a sense of well-being.

For some of my clients a regular Shiatsu is the way to find a quiet and safe space to let go of the busyness of their lives and connect with themselves.

My treatments are tailored to the specific needs of my clients and always begin by establishing a diagnosis based on Zen and Traditional Chinese medicine theory. Each of them are therefore different and adapted to the particular condition and circumstances that the person present in that particular occasion. I bring to them my knowledge and skills gained through in-depth training, my extensive experience and a deep sense of responsibility, awareness and empathy.

I have seen again and again how Shiatsu increases a sense of well-being and can be very effective in treating conditions such as stress, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, fatigue, RSI and insomnia, among others.

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